Fairy Gardens

A workshop for the kiddos or the kids at heart, these whimsical container gardens provide endless opportunity for make-believe and story-book style personalization. We'll provide you with all the magical skills you'll need to create an enchanted fairytale dwelling that no fairy will be able to resist.

You’re encouraged to bring any extra enchanted items you’d like to add to your garden.


What We Provide

  • Assorted Succulent and Air Plants
  • Variety of Planters
  • Dirt/Moss/Rocks/Sand/Shells
  • Fairies, woodland creatures & other enchanted accoutrements
  • Magic 
  • Care sheet so even the brownest thumbs can keep their creations alive
  • All the fun you can handle

Workshop Rates

Fairy Garden - Adult
Starting at $40.00 per person

Fairy Garden - Youth
Starting at $25.00 per person


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