The Little Shop of Horticulture is the passion project of Kristin Michal and Jenny Harris, two gals with a love of plants, a serious DIY addiction and an endless desire to host the perfect event.

We are in the business of being creative and having fun. We believe in the power of the experience and design events that inspire, excite & bring people together.

Kristin Michal


Kristin is the Jill-of-all-trades and master of fun. She is the human equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife. Kristin has been planning events in one way or another since kindergarten and has a true passion for crafting custom, one-of-a-kind experiences.



Ava is Jenny’s daughter and our ultimate kiddo consultant.  Before we host any event for our up & coming junior gardeners, Ava helps us thoroughly design the workshops so they are kid friendly and Ava approved.

Jenny Harris


Jenny is the MacGyver of the DIY world, turning old pallets into works of art and unused dishes into beautiful centerpieces. She is the crazy craft, crazy plant lady with a serious set of skills to back it up. This lady can DIY her way out of any situation.


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