Driftwood Planters

Mother nature gives us the goods and we'll repay her generosity by creating a beautiful planter. This workshop will spark your creativity to design a one-of-a-kind driftwood or redwood planter you can proudly display on your patio or in your office. Each planter is handmade by a local Santa Cruz artist.

We'll provide a variety of succulents and assorted planters to choose from and give you the skills you’ll need to pull it together.


What We Provide

  • Assorted Succulent Plants in a variety of sizes

  • Planters created from real Pacific Ocean Drift Wood or fallen Santa Cruz Mountain Redwood

  • Dirt & Moss

  • Rocks/Sand/Shells

  • Care sheet so even the brownest thumbs can keep their creations alive

  • All the fun you can handle

Workshop Rates

Small Driftwood
Starting at $50.00 per person

Large Driftwood
Starting at $65.00 per person


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